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Big 401(k) benefits, small price


Plans for any size business, any size need, whether you’re self-employed or run a business of 1,000+ employees, we’re here to help you save with a 401(k) plan. Our full line-up of 401(k) plans is designed to service any business need.From our individual 401(k)s and Safe Harbor 401(k)s for those looking to maximize savings to our customizable and tiered profit sharing plans for those that have specialized needs, we have you covered.Request a quote by emailing  sales@oaktreecapitalllc.com today!Big 401(k) benefits, small price and no paperwork

  • Big benefits — With high contribution limits of 401(k) plans, Roth 401(k) options, Customer Success Managers and more, you receive the state-of-the-art 401(k) plans fully supported with our experts and advisors to help you get the most out of your program.
  • Small priceShareBuilder 401k plans are designed to be the low-cost solution. Our plans are typically 35-40% less for employers starting their first 401(k) plan than traditional providers, and we often chop costs in half for those with an existing 401(k). And it’s not just business admin costs – our participant fees are typically the lowest around averaging well under 1% all-in, and we automatically lower our pricing as your plan monies grow. No contracts, no contribution minimums, no hassles.
  • No paperwork — From quote to purchase, to the installation of your plan, it’s all online and paper-free. In fact, it’s so simple that you can buy and setup your plan over lunch in generally 20 minutes or less. It’s just minutes to manage each month thereafter.

Investment expertise at your service The ShareBuilder Investment Committee does all the heavy lifting for you to provide you a leading-edge 401(k) plan. Our Committee is made up of financial experts and uses sophisticated investment models and analysis to manage the investment roster and model portfolios offered in every ShareBuilder 401k plan. We put in place an Investment Policy with each plan (a Department of Labor best practice) that is based on low-costs and investment diversification.Receive the low-expense, index fund advantage — You’ll quickly learn that ShareBuilder 401k leads the way in retirement plan design with our indexing approach that keeps fund expenses extremely low so your money has the opportunity to work harder over time. Cost matters when it comes to investing, it can be the difference of 100s of thousands of dollars over a 30 or 40 year career.*No risky business here – lower your business risks with a ShareBuilder 401kMost 401(k) providers will take no responsibility let alone a fiduciary role in supporting your plan. To minimize the issues employers face and to offer what we believe is a better 401(k) plan, we share the fiduciary responsibilities for the investment line-up of every ShareBuilder 401k plan with our customers. We are what are known as ERISA 3(38) advisors. Our investment approach provides real value and simplicity for most any company’s 401(k) plan and that’s just a few of the ways ShareBuilder’s financial experts are here to help!This allows participants with a wide range of investment options. Who is  ING Direct.?ING Direct Corporate Services offers retirement plan services including record keeping and related services through ING Direct Retirement Plan Services, Inc., proprietary retirement plan record keeping systems through ING Direct Retirement Technologies, trustee and custodial services through ING Direct Trust Company, and the ING Direct Personal Choice Retirement Account® (PCRA) (self-directed brokerage account through  ING Direct).The  ING Direct Corporation. (Member SIPC ),  ING Direct  is not affiliated with Oaktree Capital LLC. Want to know more about why ING Direct is the ideal custodian for your plan? Request a proposal by emailing sales@oaktreecapitalllc.com call us 888.725.401k today!Customer Success Stories Big or small, there’s a 401(k) plan for all Consultants, manufacturers, architects, doctors, builders — all kinds of savvy companies from owner-operated businesses to large firms can benefit from a 401(k) plan. Take a look at some of our customer success stories and see how on-demand401(k)s are helping them reach their goals

A La Carte Pet Care Owner: Jena Gaines Industry: Pet Sitting Solution: “Individual 401k”ShareBuilder’s website was so much more helpful … now that I know how easy it was, I wish I’d started sooner! “ 

Dr. Ricardo Suarez, DDSOwner: Industry: Dentistry Solution:  “ShareBuilder’s Customized 401k was more affordable, but more importantly, it was more flexible.” 

Dexisive, Inc.Owner: Dr. Jack Murphy Industry: IT Consulting Solution: “Simplified 401k”The price was right and ShareBuilder’s plan options are attractive to the IT professionals we’re trying to hire.” 

Space Interiors, LLC Owner: Tom Niemeier Industry: Architecture Design Solution: Simplified 401k “It’s been exactly what I was hoping for. A low-cost plan that once it’s set up, it runs itself.” 

Linkage Systems Corp.Owner: John Arnold Industry: Software Development Solution: Individual 401k + Payroll “The combination of ShareBuilder’s payroll and 401(k) solutions was a perfect fit for my situation as a solo entrepreneur.” 

Real Fit Owner: Ryan Anthony Industry: Fitness Consulting Solution: Individual 401k “I wanted access to a full-featured, low-cost 401(k) plan. With ShareBuilder’s Individual 401k that’s exactly what I got.” 

Public Telephone Owner: Scott De Long Industry: Telecommunications Solution: Simplified 401k “My biggest concern was the administration headache of setting up … ShareBuilder made it easy.” 

Viallo Owner: Rocky Hessler Industry: Web Development Solution: Individual 401k “ShareBuilder offers direct access to my 401(k) account … I’m amazed that a one-person company can have this much flexibility.”

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